10 qualities you need in a good Divorce Lawyer
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10 qualities you need in a good Divorce Lawyer

1. Respect - you want someone who is nice to you at this difficult time of your life, not judge you on your decisions and respects you enough to return your calls; 
2. Understands your needs - you want a solicitor who understands what you need, which may not necessarily be what you think you want (often, clients are too traumatised to know what they need, for example, giving away the family home/assets so that they can have some peace from the nagging spouse) 
3. Good listener - you need a solicitor who has the patience to listen to you even if you are having a good rant at the soon-to-be ex-husband/wife 
4. Realistic - you want a solicitor who will give you a realistic view on what results can be achieved in the division of matrimonial assets or custody of the children 

5. Intelligent, with an ability to see the wood from the trees - you want a solicitor who has strategic-thinking skills, who can negotiate a fair / good settlement without always having to fight an expensive legal battle in Court 
6. Give Value for Money - we offer fixed fees on most cases so that you do not have to worry about being charged for every telephone call you make to us or having to pay for every letter 
7. Good negotiator - you want a solicitor who is good at negotiating on your behalf, who is not "too nice" to the other side and can stand up to an aggressive solicitor acting on behalf of your soon-to-be ex. 
8. Honest and Trustworthy - you need to be able to trust your solicitor. Always meet your 
solicitor in person in his/her office before deciding to instruct him/her. Your solicitor must represent your interests, not the other side’s. 
9. Experienced - our solicitors have years of experience in Family Law. 
10. Competence is more important than Cheap - this is one of those times when you do not want to instruct the cheapest solicitor that you can find. If your case is botched up in any way, the costs can spiral out of control and the consequences can be terrible (for example, you might not get access to your children at all). 

Here at lan Henery Solicitors, we respect our clients enough to offer them the best service possible, all the time. We aim to return all calls the same day. However some of our fee-earners may be at Court, in a meeting or at a Tribunal, in which case, they will return your call the first day that they are back at their desks.


We understand your needs and our fee-earners, as Solicitors of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, have to protect your interests first and foremost.

Our solicitors are trained to listen and be sympathetic to your needs. Sometimes it is just good to have someone to talk to, to unburden yourself to. We will listen to your version of your story as well as the other side's story and then, give you an honest, realistic, professional opinion on what your options are and what you might hope to gain in a divorce settlement.

We are a law firm who has no shortage of solicitors or barristers who can give a good fight in Court on your behalf. But is it what you need? If we can achieve the same results without an expensive legal battle in Court, we will. We have your best interests at heart. 

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