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Buying a house or a business lease? 

Call us for excellent face to face service!

We are not an internet conveyancing company but a proper solicitors' firm, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority. We have professional indemnity insurance to £3,000,000 to protect YOUR interests. 

When you are about to make the largest or one of the largest investments of your life, do not entrust it to a faceless internet company. You should be able to walk into a professional office staffed by competent people and talk to a real life person who is sitting in front of you. 

You do not want to be put on hold, transferred to different departments or worse still, talk to a machine about a transaction worth tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds of your hard-earned money. 

If you are going to hand over a hundred thousand pounds or more, surely you want to see the face of the person you are handing the money to (whether it is by cheque, bank draft or by bank transfer)? And surely you want to know the exact location of his/her office should anything go wrong? 

For professional services, the cheapest is not necessarily the best. You want accessibility - to walk in whenever you have a question about this very important purchase. You want convenience - our offices are centrally located, not in a warehouse in some industrial estate or a call centre. 

We are friendly, accessible and trustworthy - CALL US!

Birmingham City Centre Office:

Unit B108 Arcadian Centre
(Opposite Hippodrome)
70 Hurst Street
B5 4TD
Tel: 0121 693 4588
Tel: 0121 622 6788
Fax: 0121 622 1788
Tel: 07912 945 665
Tel: 07964 240 594

Willenhall Office:

Quickjay Buildings
Bilston Street

WV13 2AW 
Tel: 01902 366 615
Fax: 01902 366 614